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My spelling is Wobbly. It's good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places. ~Winnie the Pooh

Well I think that I’ve found the solution to my spelling woes. I installed a program called Mac Journal that I can use to create my blog posts and the program includes something that I consider my very best friend in the world...SPELL CHECK. Oh yes, this promises to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

It also includes some neat features that should I think I’ll have fun trying out:
  • video that I can record from the camera in my iMac
  • audio recording
  • did I mention spell check?
  • full screen mode to reduce distractions
  • multiple journals (for those of us who have multiple blogs)
Yes, it is confirmed. I’m a geek.


How does this program work with blog spot? I need some spell check. I used to have sober spelling until I started teaching kids who can't spell. After 16 years, my spelling is so wobbly that I might get a WUI...writing under the influence.

Saturday, 06 March, 2010  

I completely understand! My high school English teacher (Ms. Phillips) would be horrified if she saw how I've allowed my spelling to lapse in this computer age of 'spell check'.

The program works extremely well with blogspot but is specific to the Mac operating system (not sure if you are using a PC or a Mac). You create your blog post in the program, add your pics and or video, and then do your spell check (of course). When the post is complete, you use the share function and it uploads it to your blog. It will automatically format the post with your blog settings/layout. I didn't have any trouble directing it to my blog (just needed to input the blog URL, the post URL, username and password).

A neat feature is that you can pull back all posts from your blog back to the effect, creating a backup of your blog on your computer.

Did I mention I'm a geek? LOL!

Saturday, 06 March, 2010  

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