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Writing Workshop

Well, I’ve gone and done it. “Writing Fiction” has inspired me to enroll in a creative writing course. Workshopping my stories is a requirement of that course and so, as you may imagine, I’m both terrified and excited about it. The course starts on April 8th and is focused on the fundamentals of fiction. That’s good. I need some fundamentals.

It is only 6 weeks long which makes it manageable from a commitment perspective. It’s delivered online which also works for me. There is no way I could manage to drive to a college to do a night course right now. Not a chance.

“Writing Fiction” has a very good piece on workshops that helped me to understand what to expect. I’ve always been afraid of signing up for anything that involved a workshop. To be perfectly honest, I’m afraid of the critiquing process. What if I become some raving lunatic desperately trying to defend my baby ( work)? Even worse, what if I end up catatonic in a corner hugging my knees? Ok, so that may be a SLIGHT exaggeration, but you get the point.

What I like about the course I’ve signed up (and paid for so I’m really committed now) is that the advisory board that sets the curriculum laid out clear guidelines for how to behave when critiquing or being critiqued. It makes me feel just a little bit better that it won’t be a “free for all” brawl. They let me know in advance that I’m not allowed to talk (as in NOT ONE WORD) when my work is being critiqued. Good to know.

I’ve just ordered my textbook. I plan to continue through “Writing Fiction” so it looks like I’ll be doubling up on my reading for a while.


Bravo! How exciting and scary all rolled into one. Be yourself. Just let the experience wash over you and bathe you its lesson.

:) HUGS!

Friday, 12 March, 2010  

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