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The Journey

After participating in my third attempt at the 3 Day Novel contest in September 2009, I realized one thing: that writing (not winning, not publishing--nice as that would be--but the actual process of writing) is something that fills me with indescribable happiness.  When I write I am a better wife, lover, mother, friend, and human being.  And so it follows that I've decided to actually put some focused effort on learning to do it well.

Yes, I have much to learn.  What I have written has, so far, failed to earn even an honourable mention in any contest where I've submitted work.  Am I disheartened? Of course not.  My ideas are good.  My work, however, is not.  At least not yet.  I've accepted that I'll write very badly before I'll write well--and I'm ok with that.

In knowing that I have much to learn, I've decided to begin by working through the book "Writing Fiction" by Janet Burroway.  It has come highly recommended as a resource to improve my creative writing.  What follows is my journey through that textbook along with any personal musings and a list of what I'm reading. If I feel particularly brave (which I must warn you is unlikely) I may even share snippets of what I'm working on. What happens after that...who knows...


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