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Things I've Done On A Hammock

From "Writing Fiction", here is an exercise from Chapter 1.  It's a device borrowed from the Pillow Book of Sei Shonagun. Sei was a courtesan in tenth-century Japan. She kept a diary of the goings on at court which she hid in her pillow (hence "pillow book").  In it she made categories of lists of often quirky things.

Here's my attempt at "things I've done on a hammock":

* Got entirely lost in a book
* Used it as a swing (even though that's against the rules...)
* Watched my girls glide into shore in their kayaks
* Watched the flames skitter, dance and snap across a fire pit
* Absent mindedly stroked the dog with my face turned towards the sunshine
* Held a peanut in the palm of my hand until I felt the tiny tickling claws of a nervous chipmunk
* Hung upside down with my daughter while she giggled
* Criticized my hubby while he chopped wood
* Made love swinging in the breeze (as an apology?)


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