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Short Story?

I'm feeling good holding a first draft of a (far too long) short story in my hand.  I've packed it and can't wait to start revisions while sitting on a beach in Florida.  God willing, there will be sunshine and warm weather!

I'm sure this will only be the first of several revisions.  I'll want to go back at it again when I've completed "Writing Fiction" but am going to take a first run through to clean it up and cut the excess.  I love the characters but I think I've said all I have to say about them in 15,000 words which doesn't bode well for extending it to novel length...hence, I believe it to be short story material. Meh, I think I'll leave that to be decided on the beach with a Marguarita in my hand!


I am glad you are back and look forward to news on the short story and tales of Disney.

Find time to relax after vacation. Vacation can wear a girl out. I am jealous that you are on vacay. I am now in the middle of planning my summer vacations--St. Louis and Oklahoma City. :)

Friday, 05 March, 2010  

Hi Lisa,
Thanks! Yes, I'm relaxing this weekend and working on getting back to reality. :D

Sounds like you are planning a great vacation for the summer! By then you'll be ready for some quality relaxation time I bet. :)

Saturday, 06 March, 2010  

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